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    Style #: GG-808-P
    From $51.00
    Sku: GG-808-193
    Sku: GG-808-193LH
    Sku: GG-808-195
    Sku: GG-808-195LH
    Sku: GG-808-G17
    Sku: GG-808-G17LH
    Sku: GG-808-G19
    Sku: GG-808-G19LH
    Sku: GG-808-G27
    Sku: GG-808-G27LH

    This variation is currently not available.

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    Swivels for comfort, whether worn strong side or cross draw. Gold Line the finest genuine leather holsters in the world.

    Fit 193 - Fits most compact 1911-type pistols with 3.0" to 3.5" bbl incl. COLT Defender, Officer's ACP, 1991 Officer's; KIMBER Ultra Carry, Ultra Elite, Ultra CDP; PARA-ORDNANCE P10, P12 .45, P14 .40; SPRINGFIELD Ultra Compact; WILSON Ultra Compact

    Fit 195 - Fits most full-size 1911-type pistols with 4.75 in. to 5.0 in. bbl incl. BROWNING Hi-Power; COLT Delta, Elite, Gold Cup, Gov't, 1911A1; KIMBER Custom, Target, Gold Match, Royal; PARA-ORDNANCE P14 .45, P16 .40; Ruger 1911; SPRINGFIELD 1911A1; WILSON CQB

    Fit G17 - Fits GLOCK 17, 22, 31

    Fit G19 - Fits GLOCK 19, 23, 32

    Fit G27 - Fits GLOCK 26, 27, 33, 39

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